BELZEBUBS Bring Their Black Magic To Rock Fest Barcelona

Photo by JP Ahonen

The fallen stars of melodic second-wave black metal BELZEBUBS are steering their tour bus towards Spain next summer, as they set out to storm Rock Fest Barcelona in July.

“We’re absolutely hextatic about this”, states vocalist/guitarist Sløth. “We have seven gigs set up so far with more in the works, and we’re looking forward to finally playing some of the material from Pantheon live. Our fans have stuck with us throughout the years, so it’ll be quite a thrill to climb up on stage and return the favor. You’ve scratched our balls, our time to scratch yours.”

BELZEBUBS have been booked for the biggest European metal festivals in 2020 with more gigs already under negotiation. The mysterious occultists released their critically acclaimed Century Media debut Pantheon of the Nightside Gods last April.

The long-awaited LP, mixed and mastered by industry legend Dan Swanö, features numerous guest musicians (ICS Vortex, Skvllcraft and Desibelius, etc.) and has been hailed as a “beautifully crafted masterpiece of blackened metal”.