Belzebubs – Pantheon of the Nightside Gods

You know, it’s every now and then that I’ll just want something different. Even if it’s not something astoundingly ridiculous or nothing we’ve seen before, but even a little change of pace can do real wonders. I never once expected that the fantastic comic strip of Belzebubs would somehow result in actually releasing material when I started following the comics a few years ago. A song would’ve been cool as all f*ck, but an album? Never would’ve guessed, personally. But, in no small way, Belzebubs has created one of the most tantalizing and satisfying albums of its kind that I’ve heard for years.

It’s not often that we get an animated metal band with the only one that is able to come to my mind is Dethklok simply because, to my knowledge, that’s the only other one. I’m sure there are others somewhere, but I feel confident saying that it’s with “Patheon of the Nightside Gods” that Belzebubs has become an act that is one that’s to get much attention for being animated, but it’s with the actual material that Belzebubs will find throngs of fans. Given the visuals, I was dead set for sure that Belzebubs was going to be a straight black metal act and I was totally fine with that. In reality, Belzebubs has created an immensely intoxicating blend of black and death metal with plenty of epic elements thrown in there to make “Pantheon of the Nightside Gods” an album that’s simply one not to miss upon its release!

Anyone who delves anywhere into the underground of metal, and even those who are most familiar with the bigger names of the various styles, can tell you that black/death metal bands are a dime a dozen as they’re just so numerous. It’s only on the rarest of occasion that we get an act that can put out an album that has the riffs, the attitude, the power, the quality, and the capacity to keep it all going, and when it happens it’s the sort of thing that people won’t let pass by quiety.

To call Belzebubs an example of such would be a gross understatement. A simple single listen through “Pantheon of the Nightside Gods” isn’t merely enough to get a firm grasp over the mastery that we see on full display here as Belzebubs continuously impresses track after track. Whether it be infectious works like “Blackened Call”, powerful strikes of excellence like “The Werewolf Bride”, lengthy epics of pure magic like the title track, or a bisected set of deadly twins like “The Crowned Daughters” and “Dark Mother”. In no small way, Belzebubs has covered a vast array of the flavors that we could’ve possibly asked for as it’s with “Pantheon of the Nightside Gods” that we are consistently impressed over and over again.

It’s with power and confidence that Belzebubs has made their nonfictional debut, and there is no way that we could have asked for anything better than what Belzebubs has dropped here. There’s nothing about this record that isn’t simply delicious from beginning to end as it’s with the entirety of “Pantheon of the Nightside Gods” that Belzebubs has created something not to be underestimated. And I’d be more than confident in guessing that Belzebubs will be a band that we’ll be hearing much about as people continue to discover this class act throughout the coming months.

“Pantheon of the Nightside Gods” releases on April 26th via Century Media Records! You can listen to the single, “Blackened Call”, via YouTube here or below.

Track Listing:

1. Cathedrals of Mourning
2. The Faustian Alchemist
3. Blackened Call
4. Acheron
5. Nam Gloria Lucifer
6. The Crowned Daughters
7. Dark Mother
8. The Werewolf Bride
9. Pantheon of the Nightside Gods