BELZEBUBS Release Second Teaser And Tracklist Of ‘Pantheon Of The Nightside Gods’


The enigmatic occvlt visionaries BELZEBUBS have revealed the second mesmerizing teaser from their long-awaited Century Media debut album “Pantheon of the Nightside Gods”.

With nine tracks and a running time of 53 minutes, the upcoming album is full of haunting details and furious vigor, that’ll make it last far beyond Judgement Day.

  1. Cathedrals of Mourning (6:18)
  2. The Faustian Alchemist (4:14)
  3. Blackened Call (3:45)
  4. Acheron (7:32)
  5. Nam Gloria Lucifer (4:29)
  6. The Crowned Daughters (5:11)
  7. Dark Mother (9:15)
  8. The Werewolf Bride (4:08)
  9. Pantheon of the Nightside Gods (8:54)

The limited version of the album also contains two bonus tracks; “Nuns In the Purgatory” (3:14) and “Maleficarum” (4:39), the prelude to their “Veil of the Moon Queen” saga.

The track “Blackened Call” got already released as a standalone single. The official video for “Blackened Call”, which has over one million views, can be seen below.