BELZEBUBS Release Single And Lyric Video For ‘Nam Gloria Lucifer’


The uncrowned champions of melodic black metal BELZEBUBS have unveiled a new infernal anthem from their long-awaited studio album Pantheon of the Nightside Gods.

Bassist/vocalist Hubbath comments: 

“I love it. “Nam Gloria Lucifer” is an unholy alliance of crushing riffs and mesmerizing melodies with a trve tear-jerker ending. It’s beautiful. We needed to settle for a rough lyric video this time around, though, as we’re still recovering from the previous music video shoot—both physically and financially.”

“Nam Gloria Lucifer” is now available on all streaming and download platforms as a digital single. Pantheon of the Nightside Gods will be released April 26th, 2019. You can read our review for Pantheon of the Nightside Gods here.