BELZEBUBS To Create An Animated 360° Show Through Indiegogo

Photo by JP Ahonen

Enigmatic occult visionaries BELZEBUBS are once again poised to conjure something no band has done before: an animated, facemelting 360 degree mini-gig, which the fans will be able to savour online via computers, tablets, smart phones or VR goggles. In order to produce the 360° HEXPERIENCE, the band will need the help of their fan base.

“This isn’t just another cool music video”, states the band’s vocalist/guitarist, Sløth. “We’re inviting our loyal cult to participate in creating this mindboggling 10–15 minute show. We want to hear and see you inside our monochromatic realm, first row, dead center. No social distancing needed.”

The corona outbreak hit BELZEBUBS hard, as all the planned appearances in Europe (Hellfest, Wacken, Summer Breeze, Rock Fest Barcelona, Tuska, Provinssi and Ilosaarirock) were cancelled, leaving the blackened death metal band over 50.000 euros in debt.

“Due to the nature of our act, the pre-production for the live gigs has been in the works since August 2019, costing us an arm and a leg and some other bodyparts. Despite our current financial distress, we’ve never wanted to organize a simple donation-based fundraiser, but offer something special to our amazing fan base instead”, Sløth concludes.

BELZEBUBS is running their campaign through Indiegogo, aiming for a minimum of 22.000 euros to kickstart the 360° HEXPERIENCE, with several stretch goals lined up. The fans have a chance to participate in the process and be part of the final show in numerous ways, e.g. as part of the voice cast or as an animated 3D character in the audience, drawn by BELZEBUBS creator JP Ahonen and modeled by Madrid-based 3D animator Oscar Díaz Castillo.

You can find more info on 360° HEXPERIENCE here.