BEN BLUTZUKKER To Release ‘Riptide’ EP In October

Riptide – the second EP of Ben Blutzukker will be released on 6 October 2017. Once again it is a mix of classic heavy metal, which is enriched here and there with elements from black, death and thrash.

For the title track “Riptide” the One-Man-Band has launched a stop-motion Lego video:

“Stab By Stab”, whose text is based on a short story by Bram Stoker, comes with a stormy lyric video:

“Six Sec Sex” is a cover song. The original was recorded by the supergroup Illwill, where members of King Diamond,
Mercyful Fate and Memento Mori joined forces for a single album.

“Bloodlust” is a short and fast track that takes Ben Blutzukker’s favorite subject: bloodsucker.

And then the EP ends with “Loose Ends”. The lyrics deal with a well-known problem of many musicians: when am I
actually finished?