BERGFRIED Are ‘Romantik I’

When Heavy Metal experienced its worldwide flight of fancy in the mid-1980s, countless band cults emerged, not a few of which are still fervently praised around the world today. After all, many of the defiant, rebellious players at the time were emphatically obscure, mysterious, mystical, occult, conspiratorial, etc.

Ultimately, manifold legend formation was also promoted by bands which were hermetically shielded from music media events, and about which one simply knew nothing at all, because there was initially for years simply zero to learn.

As a Heavy Metal fan in these wonderfully unspoiled times after the acquisition only the release itself was in hands and sense – artwork, band photo and lyrics resulted with the music itself an often super delicious overall experience, which was not diminished by any other factors.

That was more than 35 years ago. Nowadays, even the darkest of Black Metallers not infrequently post pictures of breakfast, the car, sometimes even superfluous silliness and more on the ‘social’ networks.

So a revelation like BERGFRIED comes just in time for serious and profoundly interested genre recipients!
Because here, too, there is intentionally very little to rummage through that goes beyond the actual art – because the idiosyncratic master behind it attaches little importance to self-promotional or even profile-neurotic posturing. In this sense, there are also deliberately no band photos from BERGFRIED.

Multi-instrumentalist and jack-of-all-trades Erech Leleth, who as a composer was clearly blessed by the gods in unanimous union, teamed up with exceptional singer Anna de Savoy for this – in BERGFRIED, he even plays up under the noble title of Erech III of Lorraine, swinging and always spot-on.

The immediately all-around convincing debut EP “Romantik I” contains four finely selected pieces that could not be more original, atmospheric, gripping and worth listening to – also stylistically unique, the four pronounced hits already unfold within seconds a very own, individually elegant ROMANTIC MEDIEVAL METAL charm.

For lovers of focused medieval-aristocratic and romantic to longing song material, the first release of BERGFRIED plays perfectly into the tasteful cards.

For example, who can seriously resist the irresistible magic of an all-around happy over-composition like “The Battle”? The living anyway not – and even in the realm of the dead old knights are guaranteed to swing blissfully along.

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