Best rock themed entertainment

Best rock themed entertainment

Taking into account the growing demand and the multiple styles that have been created, many are talking about video games being the new Rock and Roll. Despite this, there was a time when they were not so graceful and their creation was not so associated with success. Today the connection between videogames and Rock can be seen thanks to titles like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, however many years and many games had to pass for this relationship to become stronger.

There is even rock n roll themed online slots available which feature star musicians such as Guns n’ Roses, Motorhead and Jimmy Hendrix. Clearly, this type of media has transcended all boundaries between music, games and even gambling. You can currently access these sites to play for real money, from your phones or tablets. Sites like has you covered, since they are available 24/7, you can play whenever and wherever.

In this article we will discuss some of the best or most popular Rock n roll video games. Games that transgress the limits, and some were even ahead of their time by blending the two distinct worlds into creating a unique experience.

Aerosmith’s Revolution X

Aerosmith is one of the most important bands in the history of rock and roll and as expected, wild capitalism made it a commodity. The band has millions of merchandising items, has appeared in movies (Wayne’s World) and even has its own video game for the NES. In Aerosmith’s Revolution X fascism has turned against rock and roll and it is our duty as Steven Tyler to tell him no, Are you Crazy?

Kiss: Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child

More than just a good rock and roll game Kiss: Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child is a game that deserves a review by any rock lover. It is a first-person shooter that does NOT take the members of Kiss as protagonists, but the musicians of a tribute band to it. The most incredible thing about this game that combines RPG and action is that in its sound section not even a single Kiss song plays. Yeah, really sad…

Guitar Hero

If there is a Rock game that revolutionized the contact between music and videogames, it was undoubtedly Guitar Hero. With the controller or with the guitar for Guitar Hero the game is widely enjoyable, and with a collection of various songs and specific editions for different bands this game is a true fusion of rock and roll and videogames. There were more than twenty different Guitar Hero games available during the PS2 and PS3 eras.


On the other hand, if what you need is more rock and roll and less video games, Rocksmith is the option for you. With this game you can connect your real electric guitar to your console and learn the best songs with very well designed courses and guides. Rocksmith has a wide variety of songs and artists, as well as a rating system and a learning curve that will allow you to play the best Rock and Roll songs in no time.

Rock n roll racing

If there is a game that can be called “the best Rock and Roll video game” this is undoubtedly Blizzard’s Rock and Roll Racing. This game that was born for SNES contained one of the best musical selections in the history of video games with remixes of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid as a clear example. Races, fights, customizable cars and pure Rock and Roll made Rock and Roll Racing a gaming masterpiece.

Kiss pinball

It is considered one of the best pinballs ever made and confirmed by Paul Stanley to be the only kiss merchandise in his possession. The pinball machine was created by Bally, and it was fantastic for its time. It’s a game highly valuated now. It features music from the popular band and characteristic sound effects. There’s also a Stern Kiss pinball that is even more impressive.

Brütal Legend

Brütal Legend is the incredible adventure with touches of strategies developed by Double Fine Productions and a love letter to fans of the metal genre. His story tells the life of Eddie Riggs, played with voice and image by the legendary comedy actor Jack Black.

This is a musical technician of a heavy metal group who dies during one of the concerts and his soul is teleported to another world dominated by the metal music genre. Now turned into a god of music, Eddie must gather groupies playing incredible guitar solos and building merchandising stands to fight on his behalf, which will obey any order given by the musician while he fights with his ax and his energetic guitar.

Depending on our fighting style, the title music will change to suit us, with a total of 107 songs from 75 different artists, all part of the metal genre.


The video games and music world are closer than ever before, and when you bind your two passions together the outcome is always pleasant. Also, it is also a great entrance for music lovers into the videogames world and vice versa.