B*stial – Hellfuckdominium XXI

It’s impossible to listen to B*stial “Hellfuckdominium XXI” and not mention their major influences on 1980s hardcore and 1990s second wave of black metal bands. Mostly noted on vocals are the inluences of 1980s hardcore bands as GBH, Discharge, and Ratos de Porão. In hardcore singing, angry  and aggression are much more important skills than the technical abilities to come out with raw and nervous vocal lines. Unlike some of their black metal peers, Bestial is an earthly band. Their angry and gritty vocals show us that. Bestial don’t intend to be supernatural, but instead, their music is very human. Mostly because of their hardcore influences. Instrumentals are heavily influenced by the 1990s second wave of black metal, which means that Bestial also care about instrumentals. Guitars are strong, but crystal clear sounding. The raw and straight ahead riffing give a special touch to rhythm guitars, and the right-hand techniques applyed to solos bring us back to the 1990s sonorities.

Though “Hellfuckdominium XXI” is an EP with five tracks, we get an idea as if it were a full-length due to the sensation left of complete fulfillment that all songs transmit us. The drumming also drives the attention, mostly in “Lascivious Possessor,” because of the awesome work with the cymbals that fill the entire song giving it an aggressive and also completeness perception. But it’s not only that, in “Rise Veangence Flag,” all kick and snare drums techniques he’s got are used. The outcome is noise! A lot of skilled and non-chaotic noise! Just the way it has to be.

That combination of earthly influences from hardcore and the instrumental care from the 1990s black metal bands is what makes Bestial with “Hellfuckdominium XXI” a unique band. The blasphemous lyrics are also not outworldly in order to show all human insatisfaction with some deities produced by men only to deceive and false solace. One doesn’t have to be a blasphemist or a rebel demon to notice that something is wrong with most religions. Moreover, they’re lascivious, full of a sexual content. Bestial may be of this world, but “Hellfuckdominium XXI” is of hellish beauty and perfection.

Track Listing:

  1. Bestial Introduction
  2. Atomic Blazing Ejac*lation
  3. Lascivious Possessor
  4. Rising Vengeance Flag
  5. Warm And Swollen Raw Leather

Watch the official video for “Lascivious Possessor” here: