BEVAR SEA Share New Single ‘The Timeless Zone’

Five years after the release of their sophomore album Invoke The Bizarre, Bangalore’s BEVAR SEA used the Covid-19 imposed lockdown as an opportunity to regroup and start working on the third album titled The Timeless Zone. With the backdrop of the lyrics portraying a tryst with the consciousness of man, storying into travels and visions within the self, the music on this song and over the course of the album, pays homage to the glory years of the 70s and 80s hard rock and metal with the typical rifftastic stoner/doom sound the band has embraced on the two albums prior to this.

Now, the band released their single and title track The Timeless Zone” with a video visualizer. You can check it out below.

BEVAR SEA comments: “The Timeless Zone, the song and the album, continues our approach of playing stoner doom music while being even more loyal to our hard rock and metal roots than before. Every band member had to step up and learn how to record themselves and work via email for arrangements, demos, and finally turn up one by one to record. This album is us embracing the 2021 way of making music while also being busy working from home, taking care of our families, and just dying to be able to play this new music to our fans live some day.”