Beyond Mortal Dreams – Abomination of the Flames Review

The winds of Thor are blowing cold. The sky is of that plumbeous and intimidating color that creeps the unadvised. Behonld my dear fan Beyond Mortal Dreams are coming with the most menacing album of the year. An album that sweats malevolence from each pore. A sick sample of what some musical brutality can do. “Abomination of the Flames” is the album for the ones who are initiated to the black arts as it is made of the most pure cruelty and impiety.

“Abomination of the Flames” is kicked off with the strong tittle track that showcases the fan what Beyond Mortal Dreams are here for. And that is the most cruel though polished Extreme Metal. yeah, the band can bounce through bpoth easily. The track is at the same time a carnage with some finesse. The butchery got real style. The album is polished not only because tracks as “Deficit in Flesh” try a different mood in the intro. It is polished because the band is able to vary their assassin arts and deliver an album that kills not only music but the idea that Extreme Metal can’t be polished. Pay attention to the guitar passages in this track. They are of a malevolent beauty. Following track “They Are Seven” tries some space vocals entwined with killer and bloody drumming and inspired guitars. Moreover, a cruel vocal. The mood the track passes is completely out of this world. Not only sideral but unearthly, if my dear fan gets what I’m saying. Sci-fi elements aren’t common to this kind of Extreme Metal. I’d say a bit strange but really effective. Perhaps the idea is to show that space can be as cruel Earth. I guess. Tides change head over hills with “Decimation Hymn” whose intro gives the perfect idea of its tittle. Never forget that decimation was a capital punishment to Roman army. Feared, undesired, but effective. Just like Beyond Mortal Dreams’s music. In the very good Extreme Metal way.

Ok, get a cold and rainy day when my dear fan can freeze to death. Those are some of the feelings “Abomination of the Flames” wish to pass. Never forget all the malevolence and cruelty. Not an album for the weak of heart.

Beyond Mortal Dreams “Abomination of the Flames” will be released on April 15th via Lavadome Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Abomination of the Flames
  2. Hell of Eternal Death
  3. Deficit In Flesh
  4. They Are Seven
  5. Decimation Hymn
  6. Misanthrope Messiah
  7. Peace Through Annihilation

Watch “They Are Seven” official video here: