Bezwering – Aan de wormen overgeleverd

Hum, grand opening with a big and mesmerizing instrumental. After some moments then  the harsh and eerie vocals come as an apotheosis and the guitars go playing those peak squeals. I really like that. “Aan de wormen overgeleverd” kicks off big with “Vredeloos.” By the way, vocals are the most interesting feature in this album because vocalist Alfschijn seems to be playing with his voice. Yeah, he plays with his voice doing much more than the eerie and harsh. From second track “Nagezeten” on, he uses his clean voice, a more opera kind one and a debauched one. The guy is pretty good, if you ask me. This immense and captivating variety of vocals makes the album much more compeling to the fan. It reminds a lot what King Diamond does. But, frankly with no offense, with much more resources. The man is very talented and resourceful.

Musicwise, Bezwering build the perfect wrapping to the voice with a solid Modern Black Metal basis. It means that the songs aren’t that fast – some of them are a little -, mesmerizing and hypnothic riffing and smashing drumming. The fact that they sing in Dutch spices up the mix. Some tracks as “Geen bloemen op mijn graf” have a strong classical music content with an opera drive. About that, the opera mood reaches all the album one way or another. Or it is the vocals or the instrumental. Bezwering  use in their favor all the emotional and dramatic content of the opera to build up layers and layers of a outstanding and dazzling Black Metal. Pay attention to the theatrical and uncanny instrumentals at the end of “Waanzinskolk.” Ah, there are no guitar solos in “Aan de wormen overgeleverd” a strong lack for me. I can’t wonder Metal without guitar solos; it is punk that way. Well, whatever, Bezwering  follow a strong tendency. That said, punk rock is another ingredient that the band adds to its mix. Second track “Nagezeten” opening minutes show this very well.

All right, if you are a fan of Modern Black metal and all it has to offer with dramatic and dense moods created with the help of opera features “Aan de wormen overgeleverd” is the perfect choice.

P.S. – Very kind attitude to add the translations to the songs’ titles.

Bezwering  “Aan de wormen overgeleverd” will be released on April 24th via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Vredeloos – the outlaw’s dire prospect of a restless afterlife
  2. Nagezeten – the lost wanderer that is hunted down in the forest
  3. Rouwstoet – mourners becoming the mourned
  4. Uitgeteerd – the first to die of an epidemic, dragging others with him into the grave
  5. Aan gene zijde – a dialogue with the dead
  6. Terror terroris – invoking the spirit of Gelderland’s cruel field marshal Maarten van Rossum
  7. Geen bloemen op mijn graf – the tragedy of the forgotten deceased
  8. Het tweede gezicht – the curse of clairvoyance
  9. Waanzinskolk – progressing insanity

Watch “Rouwstoet” official music video here: