Bhagavat – Annunciazione

a1499736512_10 When it comes down to it, blackened death metal has got to be the most brutal kind of metal I can get into as I’m not quite a grind or brutal death metal person myself (gonna catch hell for that now). It just has a good quality to it as it combines two of my favorite kinds of metal into one cohesive piece of intensity that is unending satisfaction for me a lot of the time. Bhagavat is admittedly nowhere near my favorite piece of blackened death that I’ve heard in my days, but their latest album “Annunciazione” is a very solid album that definitely earns its place among the better sounding bands of its genre. Just as you’d expect, this record consists of guttural vocals, guitars and a bass that sound like the guys playing them have lit themselves on fire, and the drummer sounds like he’d taken a hit of cocaine before playing to give himself heaps of energy because the beats within “Annunciazione” are extremely fast and good at the same time. Nothing really “new” or “innovative” is done with this album but it really doesn’t need that because if you ask me Bhagavat have done a bang up job of created some new school blackened death that really goes by the books. This isn’t a short album either, oh no. It encompasses a little over 40 minutes between eight tracks so no matter which song you pick to enjoy yourself with you will have plenty of material to work with. This isn’t the bad kind of blackened death as I mentioned so that means that it’s not just the band trying to be loud, fast, and brutal without having a single idea what they’re doing. Bhagavat actually demonstrate that they know what they’re doing, what kind of music they want to make, and how to do it right. Overall, “Annunciazione” is a solid piece of its genre and definitely recommended for any fan of it, for this is not bad by any means, but not the best even though these guys show plenty of potential in my eyes.

You can purchase the album via iTunes here and listen to “Annunciazione” on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Cloaca Doctrinarum
  2. To Burn A Lair of Snakes
  3. Il Manifesto Del Maligno
  4. Annunciazione
  5. Black Tongue of Ground
  6. Nei Mondi Infimi
  7. Su Navi D’Argento
  8. MoKsa