BILL HUDSON’s NORTHTALE Discuss The Title Of ‘Welcome To Paradise’ In Second Album Trailer

Photo credit: Felipe Machado Franco

Swedish-American power metal supergroup NORTHTALE will release their much anticipated debut album Welcome To Paradise, on August 2, 2019 through Nuclear Blast.

After presenting a first musical tasters in the form of the first single “Higher”, the band has now launched the second trailer, in which guitarist Bill Hudson and singer Christian Eriksson explain their choice of the album title and what inspired the name Welcome To Paradise.

Welcome To Paradise track listing:

01. Welcome To Paradise
02. Higher
03. Follow Me
04. The Rhythm of Life
05. Time To Rise
06. Way Of The Light (Bonus Track)
07. Shape Your Reality
08. Everyone’s A Star
09. Siren’s Fall
10. Bring Down The Mountain
11. Playing With Fire
12. If Angels Are Real
13. Even When