BILLY SHEEHAN Says Scientology Has Been ‘Incredibly Helpful’ To Him


Legendary bassist Billy Sheehan, who is an avowed member of church of Scientology, was recently asked by The SDR Show to name “the biggest misconception,” with regards to Scientology.

“There’s a lot of them… Well, we go to doctors. We believe in science and believe in education,” he responded. “Education is a big thing. I’m a language buff and a word definition buff. And that’s the foundation to understanding everything, is understanding the language and definition of words.”

“I’ve been a science buff my whole life,” he continued. “I was a little junior paleontologist, astronomer, biologist. I had my microscope lab when I was a little kid. So I’m grounded in science. My mother worked for Roswell Park institute, a famous cancer institute in Buffalo, New York. We had a medical scientific background in our house and family, so truth and fact and ‘two plus two equal four’ is a very important thing to me, and that’s what I believe it’s all about.

“I don’t talk much about this subject only because I know there’s a lot of detractors that get upset when anybody speaks about it, and I understand that. But I do stick to my guns, and I know it’s a good thing with good people. There’s some amazing rumors floating around and a lot of bad stories. I would never be involved in something that was not on the up and up, and I’ve been there for over 50 years. And it’s been an incredible adventure, been incredibly helpful to me in my life.

“I did a little bit of drugs in high school. They had a wonderful program to clean the drugs out of your body and start over again, and it was a wonderful thing for me. They do an IQ test before and after, and it’s amazing how many points you’ll gain [after you’ve given up drugs]. Very interesting.

“But I respect all religions and I respect people that disagree too.”