Bitforce and Sonic Boom Release Music Videos for Debut of Castlevania Season Two

“Super Hero” Metal bands Bitforce and Sonic Boom are set to release material to coincide with the debut of Castlevania Season 2, which is released tonight. The Texas groups play songs inspired by video game soundtracks. Both bands formed in this decade and have made a lasting impact on their respective regions. The ability to turn classic video game music into metal medlies is quite the crowd-pleasing event.

This time, the “video game warriors” have put in extensive work to each release a music video to go along with the premiere of Castlevania Season 2, a Netflix show based on the video game series of the same name. Toph, Bitforce’s drummer commented, “For us, Castlevania started off as just a drum video. Joey, our guitarist, had reached out to me about being a hired gun for the band before I was actually part of the group” he continued “When it was all said and done, we landed on adding drums to Smooth McGroove’s cover of Bloody Tears.”

Joshua Lopez, guitarist of Sonic Boom, adds “since earlier in the year we started writing and working on our Castlevania medley since we knew the new season was right around the corner.”

Both Bitforce and Sonic Boom look forward to debuting their music videos. For more info on the bands you can visit their Bandcamp and Facebook pages: