Black Coven – Everlost

When a band says they will recreate the good old classical sonance, you’d better believe it. Black Coven with “Everlost” delivered what they promised: an EP full of classic references of 1980’s Extreme Metal bands, what was ever called Black Metal from the early days meaning that shreaking vocals are melting into a HM sonic structure that holds the mix together. The charm of “Everlost” is that the band recreates even the simple and natural guitar riffs that interweaven the classics specially in “Across the 1,000 Lakes” which is a pretty piece of the band.

Particularly, I loved the guitar tone throughout “Everlost.” It is pretty dirty, but even though clear enough. It seems to be screaming at the very least touch. It amuses me a lot. Black Coven still add some modernity as in the beginning of “Ovation of the Wolves” where an acoustic guitar gives the first notes to welcome the punch that is to come. It’s the track that the Metal fan that listens to “Everlost” notes that one doesn’t need to have the dextery of a Steve Vai to play Metal. Guitar interventions are simple, but effective. And that’s the beauty of them. However, the introducing riffing in “Ablazing Dawn” sounds pretty complex. It works fine in the song making a transition to a faster drumming and an anger vocal. By the way, vocals are also the highlight in “Everlost” due to its old school style. Chorus are almost singing-alongish. The guitar solo, though a bit nieve, works fine as well. It gives the idea of being out of tempo as Pantera’s Dimebag used to do.

“Everlost” is an EP with, unfortunately, only three tracks. It’s the kind of album that makes us in the urge of more. So be it, let’s anxiously wait for some more Black Coven efforts.

Track Listing:

  1. Ablazing Dawn
  2. Across the 1,000 Lakes
  3. Ovation of the Wolves

Watch “Across the 1,000 Lakes” official video here: