Black Orchestra – Anthem To The Night

Sometimes we get out of words to explain or to describe something. That’s how I felt when I heard Black Orchestra’s “Anthem To The Night”, a solo project of Daevil Wolfblood, vocalist of Obsolete Theory. But in very good way. The music inside it is daring, defying, and black as the night they glorify here. Listening to Anthem To The Night I cannot do other thing but laugh, when I remember some critics about metal: limited, no need to be a musician to play it, that it doesn’t evolve, ah, and the best of all: it’s required only three chords, and bla, bla, bla, and more bla! Black Orchestra is an unlimited, creative, dazzling, and most of all, surprising musical project. Imagine a band mixing together in a melting pot elements of black metal, prog metal, power metal, and sometimes old school heavy metal with a keyboard that sometimes is classical, sometimes childish, sometimes theatrical, and sometimes cinematographic. It’s not all, folks! The vocals are whispered, enchanted, and regurgitated depending on the atmosphere of the song.

“Dreamland Lost”, for instance, in its beginning, could be confused to a prog rock song. But then comes the vocals, harsh, gritty and strong to remember us that it is a BM song, but the keyboarding remains playing with us, and that’s what makes it so fantastic. I wonder how long it took the boys to write all those passages and atmospheres.

My friends, we are witnessing a breakthrought moment in metal music, and Black Orchestra surely plays a very  important role in it. Its music seems nieve, safe, but beware, it’s not! Not even in a dreaming moment! I have the night as my witness!

Track Listing:

  1. First Fullmoon Shine
  2. Anthem to the Night
  3. Dreamland Lost
  4. The Call
  5. To Death
  6. Remembrance in the Void

You can listen to Black Orchestra’s “Anthem To The Night” at