Black Roze – Spiritual Hell

Today is the day I write only for our beautiful half of the misareble, sad, and lonely, and pathetic planet. This is the second review of female-fronted bands, as coincidence vocalists. Not bad for a so-called machist and sexist genre, isn’t it?

“Spiritual Hell” is an album that shows a band with so many influences from Hard Rock to Heavy Metal. It is in no way a monolithic album because all ten tracks have different flavors teaching us a lesson of how to fly away through different ways to express in only one language which is the Metal language – well, some may call it Rock, but I don’t really care. From where I’m stading, Black Roze pays a homage to female-fronted bands as Bitch in track “Soul on Fire.” The girl shows her deserved respect to Betsy “Bitch.” There are also moments when Black Roze sound a little more modern, but not too much as in “Snow White Angel” with that 1990’s cadence embelished by beautiful guitar melodies. “Spiritual Hell” has many different moments, I must say.

If you take a look on “Spiritual Hell’s” cover and read the name of the songs, you may have the impression that Black Roze are one more band that pays their respect to those 1980’s Californian Hard Rock bands as Warrant, Poison, among others. Make no mistake, Black Roze for the better and for the worst are in no way similar to them. If you, for instance, begin with “In the Darkness (Hell Version)” the impression may be completely different from the good old 1980’s Hard Rock made eternal by those bands. “In the Darkness (Hell Version)” is dark, gloomy, shoegazed and embelished by Viixen’s voice that again reminds a lot Betsy “Bitch.” I feel just the same sadness and melancholy that Bitch’s albums are full of. In fact, Black Roze give a new sense to the worn out music from those bands. 

As their Hard Rock peers, Black Roze give a new meaning to the word heavy. “Spiritual Hell” is for whom believe Metal is much more than speed. The ones who think good melodies and loud and screaming guitar solos have their place under the sun. “Spiritual Hell” is full of them; try “Obscenity” and “Curse of the Black Rose” out and enjoy the easygoing guitar solos. And by the way, there are also delicious balladish songs as “So Sleazy” that makes you singalong without further notice.

My advice: Enjoy!

Black Rose “Spiritual Hell” was released on October 05th via Dr Johns Surgery.

Track Listing:

  1. Obscenity
  2. Godz’n’Queenz
  3. Why Don’t You
  4. Soul on Fire
  5. Snow White Angel
  6. In The Darkness (Hell Version)
  7. Curse of the Black Roze
  8. So Sleazy
  9. Lost
  10. In the Darkness (Spiritual Version)

Watch “In the Darkness” official video here: