BLACK SABBATH’s ‘Symptom Of The Universe’ Named The Greatest Riff Of All Time

BLACK SABBATH’s classic 1975 track “Symptom Of The Universe” features the greatest riff of all time, according to the new issue of Metal Hammer magazine.

Speaking with the magazine, Mr. Tony Iommi explained he wasn’t in competition with anyone else when it came to riffs back in 1975, saying:

“I would always try to come up with more and more inventive ideas – different tunings, changing the amps, just fiddling about with the guitars really. I would constantly be trying to improve things and change things. I didn’t really listen to other people, just in case I started playing someone else’s riff by mistake.”

Manuel Gagneux of Zeal & Ardor said:

‘Symptom of the Universe’ further cements Tony Iommi as a riff machine! The palm-muted opening notes get their unmistakable sheen from the thin strings he uses. This song debuted elements that are still echoed throughout the heavy music landscape.”