BLACK SITES Release ‘Untrue’

Progressive metal band, BLACK SITES, have powered through the previous year creating their new album “Untrue” with producer Sanford Parker, of SPIRIT ADRIFT/VOIVOD/CORRECTIONS HOUSE fame. With all members recording separately, with exception of one track, the album is a testament to their capabilities.

Originally forming in 2016, BLACK SITES combine old school metal elements in with their sound and draw inspiration from a wide spectrum of artists such as VOIVOD, THIN LIZZY, and BLACK SABBATH to name a few. The new release follows their previous albums “In Monochrome” (2017), and “Exile” (2019) which made Angry Metal Guy’s #3 album of the year. “Untrue” delivers intricate guitar leads, powerful percussion and soaring vocals. The album explores the variations of BLACK SITES’ sound from the dramatic opening “Sword of Orion,” gradually building the anticipation to an intense climax, to the progressive nature of “Echo of a Lie,” and the emotional performance of “White Ashes.” Exploring sophisticated melodies enhanced through delicious guitar tones and powerful vocals, “Untrue” is an enticing record.

Effortlessly entwining elements of traditional metal with progressive experimentation and their own distinctive style, BLACK SITES have produced a release with huge impact. From beginning to end “Untrue” reveals their creativity on a sojourn not to be missed.

Mark Sugar – Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Bruchert – Guitar, Vocals
Garry Naples – Drums

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