Black Space Riders – Refugeeum

promoimage-2  Leaving where you left off is never an easy task to pull off especially when wherever you left off was something that was critically acclaimed and well received. But sometimes you’re able to persevere and overcome the challenge and that is exactly what Black Space Riders have done with their upcoming psychedelic metal/rock album “Refugeeum”. I cannot stress how awesome and well rounded this album is enough. Taking advantage of us uplifting riffs while having the vocalist talk about not so uplifting topics like the loss of home or rejection to name a few. But sometimes they became more positive and talked about finding the will to survive and the hope for what may come. “Refugeeum” is an amazing 9-track adventure that will take you out of this world and back again as you’re taken on a ride of slow and catchy riffs that will absolutely hypnotize you and lock you in place. The vocals also have this entrancing, even haunting, sound to them that I absolutely cannot get over how good they are and bring a solid atmospheric element to the entire album that just made it all the more better. Black Space Riders have truly done it with “Refugeeum” and I’ve no doubt in my mind that this will be the best psychedelic album that we will see all year. Calling it right now.

You can stream Black Space Riders’ previous album, “D:REI”, via Bandcamp here.


Track Listing:

  1. Vortex Sun
  2. Universal Bloodlines
  3. Born a Lion (Homeless)
  4. The Lure (Come with us)
  5. Run to the Plains
  6. Curtains of Death
  7. Melek’s Lament (Yazidi Tears)
  8. Walking Shades
  9. Ritual of Inner Strength