Black Tractor – The Wonders of the Invisible World

Picture an album that mix in the same doses the flamboyant instrumental of the 1970s plus the angry and full of wraith vocals and the warcry chorus of the 1990s. Now imagine an album that mix Guns N’ Roses riffing and licks with some Rage Against the Machine and Kiss guitar solos with the aforementioned vocals with a punk attitude and intent. Got it?

This album is “The Wonders of the Invisible World.” An exciting and unexpected effort of Black Tractor. It is dense and complex with some unsual instrumental solutions and passages as in “Hosanna.” A band that is able to easily go from the rock’n’roll and boogie woogie mood as in “The Peckerwood Sway” with its slide guitars to a groundshaker tune as first track “I Can’t Seem to Wake My Wife” It’s a big change of hearts, if you ask me. By the way, “The Peckerwood Sway” is the track that reminds a lot Guns N’ Roses with some Aerosmith. A killer main riff using the plam-mutting technique which makes it even heavier. However, first and second tracks “I Can’t Seem to Wake My Wife” and “Just Like Fay Wray” have the same mooding as Kiss’s Ace Frehley guitar playing. I don’t know, but I had a huge recollection of them while listening to those songs.

I dare to say that this album could be considered an evolution of the 1970s mooding. There are a lot moments that the 1970s are summoned from the very deepts of the past. Not only a lot of moments, but the general intent of the album is more near the 1970s than the 1990s although the 1990s play an important role in Black Tractor music. However, tracks as “The Third One” confuse the fan for its heavy and angrier than the usual mooding that meks it sounds as if Pantera were somewhere near. I find an art to mix all those influences into only one band and album. Pay attention the sequence from the second minute with the eeirie and mysterious piano giving the song an impression of being the soundtrack a film. Only The Beatles could do such thing. All those make The Wonders of the Invisible World an album to be discovered little by little paying attention to all the details it reveals track by track.

Black Tractor The Wonders of the Invisible World was released on August 14th.

Track Listing:

  1.  I Can’t Seem to Wake My Wife
  2. Just Like Fay Wray
  3. The Devil’s Waterfall
  4. The Thief and the Trumpet
  5. What God Made Pockets for
  6. Things We Learned in New Jersey
  7. The Peckerwood Sway
  8. Your Left Shoulder
  9. Hosanna
  10. The Third One
  11. And to Mary, A Sweet Goodnight

Watch “I Can’t Seem to Wake My Wife” official video here: