BLACKBRAID Releases New Single ‘The Spirit Returns’


BLACKBRAID are premiering new single, “The Spirit Returns,” which can be heard below.

“The Spirit Returns” is the second single from band’s forthcoming album, Blackbraid II, which will be released on July 7th. Previous single, “Moss Covered Bones on the Altar of the Moon,” can be heard here.

Blackbraid II follows up the solo black metal project’s critically-acclaimed debut, which was named among one of the best metal albums if 2022 by Rolling Stone (#14), Decibel Magazine (#4), Metal Hammer UK (#7), and more!

Blackbraid II Track Listing:

1. Autumnal Hearts Ablaze
2. The Spirit Returns
3. The Wolf That Guides the Hunters Hand
4. Spells of Moon and Earth
5. Moss Covered Bones on the Altar of the Moon
6. A Song of Death on Winds of Dawn
7. Celestial Passage
8. Twilight Hymn of Ancient Blood
9. Sadness and the Passage of Time and Memory
10 . A Fine Day to Die

Blackbraid II