BLACKENED Streams New Album ‘Truth Behind Destruction’


Brazilian thrashers are always expert in terms of generating violent form of music, and BLACKENED is not an exception. BLACKENED was formed at the end of 2013 in Curitiba, Brazil, by Joao Wegher, Ulisses Nathan, Marcelo Martins and Fernando Schwartz. Creating their sound around a diverse range of influences from heavy metal, thrash metal and punk, they quickly recorded their first demo “Third World Thrash” in 2013. The demo was well-received, and was followed by a split with local hardcore band Emergencia in 2014, entitled “Together in the Circle Pit”. After some concerts in the city, the band decided to record their first EP, “Underground Attack”, which allowed the band to tour other cities in Brazil.

In 2015 the band closed a deal with the German label Witches Brew Records, which is known for releasing bands like Toxic Holocaust, Gama Bomb and Deathhammer. Thereafter in 2016, the Brazilian thrashers finally recorded their debut full length, called “Truth Behind Destruction,” mixed and mastered in the Aero Diesel Studio. The recording process was beset by problems and delays, including lineup changes and the deteriorating health of the studio owner. However, the band pulled through and “Truth Behind Destruction” had its release concert on the first week of October, marking a new path in the band’s journey, with bigger concerts and gigs.

From the onset, their musical nods to Motorhead, UFO, Testament, Vio-Lence, Ratos De Porao and Poison Idea are visible, along with lyrics about religion, governments, and corruption. Blackened does not shirk from taking influence from any kind of music they like and incorporating it into their own sound, thus adding to the quality of their thrash assault as well as the thriving Brazilian underground.

Stream the whole “Truth Behind Destruction” album here. You can hear “Into Lunacy” track below. Pre-order the album here.

Track – List:

1. The Front Remains
2. Chemical Terror
3. Slaughtered Tomorrow
4. Brain Control
5. Into Lunacy
6. Suffer Under…
7. Extreme Violence
8. Stay Wasted
9. Truth Behind Destruction
10. Against the Grain