Blackjack Symphony – Experime’ Review

The best music sometimes is hidden behind the worst names. Hell of a music there is in here, but Blackjack Symphony, what the hell does that mean? Well, whatever.

First impression that gets the fan is that vocalist Matt Keevers’ voice has a pretty near tone than Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson’s. In tracks as “Napoleon” the feeling gets more real than ever. Instrumentwise, Blackjack Symphony doesn’t try to sound exactly as their ultrastar peers. At least not that I remember because there’s a while I don’t listen to the Maiden’s new stuff. It’s got too boring for me. But “Experime'” starts pretty damn good with “Kamikaze” with has a good vibe and mood. Great guitar riffing using a technique not so usual, but that has a great effect. Following track “Addiction” has a powerful grip and is a little faster, but keeps the faith and the vibe the band wants to impress in their music. Things change a lot with “Don’t Tell Me,” a ballad like song that delivers some emotion and requires the band to invest in a strong chorus to keep the attention. However, the song has a nice cadence mixing some acoustic fixtures and other textures. In fact, I have to say that one of the most interesting thing about the album is the ability the band has to chance the mood in each song because “Anybody” is completely different from the rest of the songs so far. It has some David Bowie mooding in it with some vaudeville and a kind of comedy of costumes, maybe a kind of parody. I can’t help it to say, but the track sounds as if it were from Bruce Dickinson’s solo album “Balls to Picasso” which some do sound similarly.

In fatc, it is very hard after smome minutes not to compare “Experime'” with Bruce Dickinson’s efforts. I guess more than Iron Maiden’s, if you ask me. I’m obliged to say that to the fans that read my reviews. Of course, it’s not like that, however, it’s no overreaction, just a honest opinion. Go straight ahead to “Hangman” and check this out. But the music is cool and well performed. Blackjack Symphony are talented musicians who knew to add some features of their own as in “Six Gun Chalet” with great and powerful guitar riffings.

Blackjack Symphony “Experime'” will be released on March 15th via Currently Shopping.

Track Listing:

  1. Kamikaze
  2. Addiction
  3. Don’t Tell Me
  4. Anybody
  5. Criminal
  6. Hangman
  7. Six Gun Chalet
  8. Experime’
  9. Yeti
  10. Napoleon

Watch “Napoleon” official video here:

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