Blackrain – Dying Breed

Is it just me or Hard and Heavy bands are making a comeback?

It’s been a while I’ve been receiving lots of them bands. Much more than I can count – or review. I guess it couldn’t be different as the world of Metal music has its own comes and goes. It’s a natural move, I guess. In fact, Hard and Heavy bands were very important to the 1980s. Many don’t like them because all the controversy they arose and all the sucess they reached. Most used to say that they were girlie Metal or other terms I can’t use here. well, Thrash Metal was a direct response to them. Not only, but when Manowar used the term ‘false Metal’ they were refering to them. Of course, there were bands that were there only for the dollars, fame, and all the things that come with success, but being honest, their music and the quality of their musicians were always a reason to envy them. Am I right?

Blackrain drink profusely on the waters of bands as Twisted Sisters, Ratt, Mötley Crüe, Kiss, Dokken, WASP, and of course, AC/DC as in “Hellfire” with its guitar licks that reminds a lot AC/DC’s “Who Made Who.” Blackrain learned with the best masters ever. They are so loyal to them that their music doesn’t take the genre to the next step. It’s not the intent of the band to enlarge and enrich the horizons of the genre. That’s why there is no surprise in the album. “Dying Breed” brings ten songs that go straigh ahead to the heart of the fan and there they stay. No surprises or goosebumps – well, only of joy. Tracks as “Blast Me Up” are killers gems of the kind and work pretty much well if one understands the band’s concept. It’s clearly perceptible that was inspired by one of the hardest and sickiest bands ever named WASP. Great reference as all the album is. As it was mandatory in all albums there is a heavy ballad or not so heavy as it mey seem because “All Angels Have Gone” is a very delicate peice full of emotion and heart. Pretty much Bon Jovi’s style.

Bottom line, Blackrain are a honest band with a true perspective and goal about music and this is the 1980s Hard’n’Heavy like you or not. Well, from where I’m standing I do like. I dare to say that there are true bands even in the unsung Metal genres.

Blackrain “Dying Breed” was released on September 13th via Steamhammer / SPV.

Track Listing:

  1. Dying Breed
  2. Hellfire
  3. Blast Me Up
  4. Nobody Can Change
  5. Like Me
  6. All Angels Have Gone
  7. We Are the Mayhem
  8. Rock Radio
  9. Public Enemy
  10. A Call From the Inside

Watch “Dying Breed” official lyric video here: