BLACKTOWN BAND Count ‘One, Two, Three Men’

Blacktown Band were born in the summer of 2016 with the commitment to appear in a tribute album to Pink Floyd through the Versailles Records label, a relationship that Alejandro Hervás brings with him from his former Quatermoc band. It is not until the beginning of 2020 and with some band changes when they decide to register new songs with the intention of releasing their first LP, simply called I (ONE). Currently the band is made up of four fixed members that are the central core of composition.For studio recording they have the collaboration of great friends who are not part active band. The sound ranges from Pink Floyd-style melodies to powerful songs with 70’s classic rock sounds  with stoner sparkles.

Alejandro Hervás on bass, who has also been in charge of mixing and producing the songs. It is the fifth album by Alejandro, who has gone through bands like Leyenda, Monterrey, Quatermoc, Not Too Late and some more bands as session musician, touring various times through national territory with gangs like Pignoise and Ladrones. The incredible voice of Nina Agudo has been cultivated in different venues of the national territory to now in Blacktown unleash her strength. Esteban Rabadán, conservatory keyboardist, has been through different bands in the Cantabrian territory playing all kinds of styles. Markus Tautz German multi instrumentalist who has collaborated in the recording of some guitars from the album. It brings a new and renewed air, with a sound more typical of the stoner and sounds alternative that mixes perfectly with the most classic style of the band. Markus regularly plays and tours the European continent with his lead band “TakeOFyourSHIRT.” Oscar Archilla: Professional drummer with his own studio, where he has recorded all the drums of the album.

On January 15, the single Green Dress was published as a continuation of I (One), available on all social networks.

Due to the pandemic situation, Blacktown Band are composing what will be his second album, hoping that it will come out sometime at the end of the year 2021

Band Line-Up:

Esteban Rabadan: Hammond Organ, Synthesizers, Piano
Markus Tautz: Guitars
Oscar Archilla: Drums
Alejandro Hervas: Bass Guitar
Nina Agudo: Lead Vocals

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