Blackwater Holylight – Blackwater Holylight

Analysing retrospectively almost fifty years from it, and without all that damn hippy stuff, heavy/acid rock sounds much better. There is a big grudge between HM and the hippie moviment. Many know it well. It’s no secret. Aware of that, I guess, Blackwater Holylight take all influences from heavy rock, mix with grunge stuff, and voilà, here’s something pretty new.

Blackwater Holylight are an all female band. But if you expect an album full of funny, beautiful, and happy songs, you may forget that. “Blackwater Holylight” jumps out of this hippie things. They’re heavy rock and a bit melancholic. Hum, I mean, a lot. No flower power, no wimps, no shining happy people. Only the cruel sadness of this lonely and sad world. And wanna know? Blackwater Holylight are perfectly okay with that. Songs are pretty sludgy, but Blackwater Holylight aren’t really a stoner or shoegazed band. They’re far more depressive. Funny fact is that there are a lot of effects in their songs., and they are responsible for most of the depressive atmosphere in it.  And actually no singing at all. Vocalist  Allison Faris entonate some chants intead adding some kind of an atmosphere of mistery.

Even though, “Blackwater Holylight” is an album with some kind of poetry. Not that plastic standardadized poetry. Blackwater Holylight are girls looking for something else. Kind of asking “Why should we sing only about joy and happiness? There’s no point in that.” I have to agree. Real life is far more complex. Far more real than our poor popular culture allows. Neverthless are Blackwater Holylight joyful because they dare to look out for the exquisite. Blackwater Holylight girls got big balls, guys.

This Blackwater Holylight’s self-titled album was released on April 06th via RidingEasy Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Willow
  2. Wave of Conscience
  3. Babies
  4. Paranoia
  5. Sunrise
  6. Slow Hole
  7. Carry Her
  8. J*zz Witch

Watch “Slow Hole” official video here: