Bleed – The Hatred Inside

PromoImage (63)  “The Hatred Inside” by Canadian group Bleed is a valiant effort as their debut full length, but for me personally it falls just short of earning my complete and honest thumbs up. On the bright side, there are many positive things about “The Hatred Inside” that far outweigh the not so positives so I can safely say that plenty of you out there will be interested in this album when it comes out September 29th. Each song off of this album as an unrelenting feel to it that is filled with anger and violence to the point where each track is practically oozing with intensity. The vocals were hardcore, the guitars were heavy in every sense of the word, and the drums had a nice, solid beat throughout “The Hatred Inside”. Another cool tid bit about this album is that according to the vocalist, Robert Kreed, “Each song is told by the perspective of the victim or the victimizer with one common theme of misery.” That’s pretty neat if you ask me. The thing that doesn’t let the album make it for me is the fact that there wasn’t any real flow in my opinion, and that could’ve really helped the album. Just my personal little nitpick bulls**t. Overall though, “The Hatred Inside” is an interesting album that should be checked out by anyone looking for intensity with a different theme. I’m not too keen on this like I said, but I’d more than happily check out Bleed’s next release as I’m sure they can only go up from here.

“The Hatred Inside” comes out September 29th. You can stream Bleed’s previous album on Bandcamp here.


Track Listing:

  1. The Hatred Inside
  2. Deceiver
  3. Committed
  4. Blood Ashes
  5. Suffocate
  6. Murder Baby
  7. Xombimind
  8. Beginnings
  9. Obelisk
  10. Conquer
  11. Hate March Kill