Blessed Black – Beyond the Crimson Throne

I’ll make a joke that many will understand and support, but others will have the urge to kill me. Well, part of the job, isn’t it? Being loved and hated they all come together. Always in the same page, I guess. But the joke is in fact an analogy. Blessed Black’s “Beyond the Crimson Throne” sounds exactly like the guys from Seattle – you know who I’m talking about – learned how to play their guitars properly. It’s so because Blessed Black maintain their shoegazed and dirty sonance adding lots and lots of good and amazing guitar solos.

The very beginning of “Beyond the Crimson Throne” has an epic start with “The White Wolf” which presents a moody and sharp guitar which embellishes an also moody guitar riff. This beginning tricks the fan who might think otherwise of the band because the song is instrumental only and may trick by another Metal subgenre. Following track “The Black Gate” leaves no doubt that we’re talking about a Doom Metal band. Doom with spice, I must say with lots of dashes of stoner and sludge. The outcome of “Beyond the Crimson Throne” is pleasant to the fan who likes guitars due to the inspired guitar riffs and solos. That’s exactly what makes Blessed Black stand from the crowd, this magical touch of well-played guitars with an inspired vocal. The band takes an unexpected way by opting to give guitars the desired and wished highlight. After all, Metal is about guitars, isn’t it? “Heavy Is the Crown,” for instance, have a very interesting main guitar riff mixing octavating and dubling the notes which gives a very sonorous effect.

One can say that “Beyond the Crimson Throne” is monolythic and I’ll have to partially agree because songs do have a common drive force, but the guitars give them all a different touch. In “Finding My Limits,” for limits where the guitar solo amazes and embellishes the song. Never to forget the inspired and professional vocal.

All that put, I guess you all forgot the angry from the words I said before, didn’t you?

Blessed Black “Beyond the Crimson Throne” will be released on January 17th.

Track Listing:

  1. The White Wolf
  2. The Black Gate
  3. Heavy Is the Crown
  4. The Shadows
  5. Arioch’s Bargain
  6. Finding the Limits
  7. Stormbringer

Watch “Stormbringer” official music video here: