Blind Revision – Of White And Grey

Labels! Ah, labels! I love them! Or hate them? Not sure. To label a band or not label a band? Not an easy task.

Let’s take Blind Revision’s “Of White And Grey” for example. There are many influences, many references of bands and styles. Each song of this four track EP reveals something. “Of White And Grey” is a musical Pandora’s box, in the good sense, of course. So I’ll stick to their own labeling: female-fronted rock band with metal and progressive influences. Perfect!

Jen Janet’s voice works as the glue that bonds everything altogether. Jake Bedard and Kirk Scully do a very good job with the guitars. They go from a 1970s kind of playing to modern metal easily. The songs go like in a scallating progression from “Tough Love”, a pure 1970s piece with a modern singing and production, to reach the peak at “Fight Or Flight”, heavy as modern metal. And that’s why they labeled themselves a rock band. To allow this musical trip around labels without any compromise to stick to one or another. The guitars of “Colors”, for instance, are more power metal than a lot of power metal bands around… But the tone of drums reveals them. It’s not as vivid as a power metal band would use. It doesn’t mean that Jamie Steele isn’t a good drummer. He sure is. To go through all those pace and rhythm changes isn’t an easy task for any mortal.

All that said, and I can’t keep my mouth shut, I just can’t agree with the label hardcore some gave to Blind Revision! My, they’re as far from hardcore as I’m from Santa’s house in the North Pole!

Track Listing:

  1. Tough Love
  2. If The Earth Could Stand Still
  3. Colors
  4. Fight Or Flight

Watch “Fight Or Flight” here: