Blind Scryer – Blind Scryer

I can’t help it saying that my real deal is old school Heavy Metal. Yeah, I do love all the killing new stuff that is coming up, but my heart pounds heavily to bands as Blind Scryer with their melodic and skullcrushing old school act. Some of old school Metal critics say that it’s predictable and repetitive. In other others, there is nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. But, still, bands as Blind Scryer do exist playing with the bigger heart and soul as possible. Heavy Metal is also about faith, there is no denying.

Blind Scryer” has definitely two distinct parts which are from tracks one to five firmly rooted on an old school Heavy Metal; from track 6 on the band does a very good Doom Metal. However, if we stick to the rules, it’s hard to say when old school Heavy Metal and Doom parted ways. In fact, many say that the first Doom Metal band was Black Sabbath which is coincidentally, for some, the first Heavy Metal band. My point is that they are kind of twin brothers.

The show begins with “Ride the Sun” an uptempo song with great vocals and catchy riffing, just the way heavy metallers love. It’s a track that reminds me a lot bands like Desolation Angels and the mighty Saxon due to its melodic and very personal vocals. To our surprise, by the third minute “Ride the Sun” shows an awkward change of cadence which sounds almost out time and tune, but as soon as it comes it goes. “Snake Handler” also has a great guitar riffing which conducts all the song in a very good mood. Then, there are the two highlights of “Blind Scryer” which are “Delta V” and the tittle track with their lazy guitar playing creating a great mood with lots of musicality. It reminded Saxon again. I really appreciate the way this kind of song is conducted and the emotion it rises. When you hear the first bass notes of the beginning of “Blind Scryer” you may get confused. Then comes the very first guitar notes giving the bluesy inspiration that comes across all the song. It’s not a blues song, but blues inspired which means that it wasn’t conceived to have all blues patterns, but to give the listener a blues sonance. Vocalist Blair Yoke is at his best as all the band. The song gets a little rough and hard at the middle and this change of hearts gives it a certain charm.

Blind Scryer “Blind Scryer” was self-released on March 29th.

Track Listing:

  1. Ride the Sun
  2. Snake Handler
  3. Delta V
  4. Mask
  5. Blind Scryer
  6. Backslide
  7. Song 4
  8. Ten-year Bender
  9. Slow Movin’

Watch “Delta V” official video here: