BLIND TIGER To Release Their S/T Album

Hitting hard with eerie dissonance and emotion fuelled screams, the new seven track self-titled EP from Blind Tiger is a dark offering with an experimental twist. “Blind Tiger” follows their previous releases “The Waterfall of the Desert” (2014) and “Lock the Gate” (2017).

Thematically, each song is named after a town and the lyrics are relevant to that location in some way. Reflected in the album art which features a ‘constellation’, and each dot represents where every town from the track list would be on a map. Initially forming in early 2014, and experiencing a series of line-up changes, the new release marks the next chapter of Blind Tiger’s music. As the outfit look to more experimental roads in the future, the new EP artfully segues from their previous incarnation into the next. Delving into hardcore, mathcore and progressive realms in their music, from the dark distorted atmosphere of ”Jacksonville” through to the technical intricacies of ”Abbeville,” Blind Tiger have thrown all genre constraints out of the window. Their sound is raw, harsh, and yet at times soars. Casually dropping brass instruments amongst the heavy chaos of their tracks not only produces a striking atmosphere, with the bright toned instruments, but it adds an extra dimension of interest to the sound.

Blind Tiger seek out the strange and unusual, the sharp contrasts, dynamic tempos, and ferocious tones. Their music is designed to intrigue and confuse and thrill without limitations. The new EP presents an audacious display of avant-garde, free spirited composition, and is an experience not to be missed.

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Album Credits:
Nick Lundy – Vocals
Stephen Washburn – Guitar, Tambourine and backing vocals
Hunter Redding – Bass and backing vocals
Michael Sudduth – Drums, Shaker
Cody Carpenter – Trumpet, Synth
Recorded/Produced/Engineered by Michael Sudduth @Sudduth Studios
Mastered by Michael Sudduth & Justin Belew @Bibb City Sound

Band Members Names/Instruments:
Nick Lundy – Vocals
Stephen Washburn – Guitar and backing vocals
Hunter Redding – Bass and backing vocals
Michael Sudduth – Drums
Cody Carpenter – Trumpet, Synth, Aux. Percussion

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