BLOOD OF INDIGO Share Music Video For ‘Angelus, The Faceless Vampire’

Canadian fantasy metal band BLOOD OF INDIGO have unleashed a stunning animated video for “Angelus, the ‘Faceless’ Vampire“. The song is from their album Dawn of the Shaded World which will be out this summer.

The band comments:

“This song holds a very special place in our hearts. We really experimented with song structure, cinematic vibes, sound design, and the overall character of this piece. Angelus is such a unique character too. I’ve always had a passion for creating characters and giving them an origin story. This song definitely brings that out of me. Especially in my lyrics and performance in the recording.”

Dawn of the Shaded World Track listing:

1. Mimesis
2. Resurrection
3. Corpse Bride
4. Anne Marie Indigo
5. Jade and her Quiet Place
6. Angelus, the “Faceless” Vampire
7. Sphynx, Collector of Eyes
8. The Hunter’s Nightmare
9. Novice Pyromancy
10. Dawn of The Shaded World (Feat. Lindsay Schoolcraft)

Band Members:                        
Alex Centorame (Sen-Tor-Ah- Mee) – Vocals/Lyrics
Nathan Gross (Grr-Oh-Ss) – Keyboards/Orchestrations
Mariusz Syposz (Suh-Pose) – Guitars/Drum Programming