BLOODBATH To Begin Recording New Album In January

Swedish death metal supergroup BLOODBATH is planning to enter the studio in early 2018 to begin recording the follow-up to 2014’s “Grand Morbid Funeral” album. The group comprises Martin Axenrot (OPETH), Anders Nyström (KATATONIA), Jonas Renkse (KATATONIA), Nick Holmes (PARADISE LOST), and Per Eriksson, who was previously the guitar technician for both BLOODBATH and KATATONIA.

In an interview with Metal Wani, Holmes stated about BLOODBATH‘s next album:

“The [rest of the] guys are working on it now, so I think we’re looking at recording in the end of January. We’re looking at doing it maybe early February. So, yeah, we’ll definitely do another album. But we’ll see what happens. The guys in KATATONIA have been busy touring as well, so they’re pretty much winding up now — I think they’re playing Russia next week and then they’re finished for the year. So, yeah, at the end of January, I think, we’re gonna start now.”

According to Holmes, there are no plans for BLOODBATH to book any long tours that may conflict with touring and recording commitments by the invidual members’ main bands.

“With BLOODBATH, we’re not gonna do any extensive touring,” he said. “We’ve just done seven weeks in Europe with PARADISE LOST. We wouldn’t do that with BLOODBATH. We’re doing a short U.S. tour [in May 2018]; we’re only playing, like, about eight dates in both places. So anything we do with BLOODBATH is a short, in-and-out kind of quick couple of gigs. We don’t wanna do any long tours with BLOODBATH; we wanna keep it quite kind of special in a way. I mean, we only planned on doing 13 shows when we started playing live anyway, and then we ended up doing, like, 30 shows. But it’s good fun to do — meet the guys and do it now and again through the year. But, yeah, we wouldn’t do anything that’s gonna impact on PL or KATATONIA or OPETH for that matter; we just do it in between.”