Bloodgate – Solace in Mourning Review

From the very beginning the fan gets overwhelmed by the power that comes from the scorching big guitars. Such a sonic mass is very hard to find even in the most powerful bands all over the world. Bloodgate couldn’t choose a better way of opening “Solace in Mourning,” an album whose astonishing force and speed gets the fan by the guts. The insane and deranges sonancy that comes from the album is really something remarckable and enough to make me write this review. The chery of the cake is the speechless and psychotic growls that come from vocalist Scott Jorgensen whose voice does all kinds of weird noises and screams and evrything on the middle in a crazy and mad nonsense blabbering. In fact, there are no lyrics to the songs, only an immense flod of demonic blabbering as in a possession that fits like a glove to the bloody carnage the band promotes here in “Solace in Mourning.”

 Sometimes it takes me a while to choose what album I will review next. I usually look for a sonancy that smacks me from the beginning. Before listening to “Solace in Mourning” I heard two other albums. None of them were smashing enough to be next, so I put them again on the line. Bloodgate got me from the guts, if you know what I’m saying. Only Extreme Metal fans from the more extreme facetes will understand what happened here. The mix of Blackened Brutal Death Metal with punk results almost in a Grindcore carnage. That’s the beauty of it. I guess no band has chosen a better name to express their music. The bloodgates are open.

The energy that comes from the band is really that my dear fan can’t ignore. I couldn’t. I couldn’t help tpo wonder how would be to watch Bloodgate open to Avenged Sevenfold as the press release says. In the 1980s it would be something really normal but nowadays I just don’t know. I really don’t know if the average Avenged Sevenfold fan can stand the powerhouse and carnage the band impresses opening the show. I guess it’s love or hate. I loved, as a matter of fact. By the way, I don’t mean any disrespect to Avenged Sevenfold and their fans – well, I’m one of them. I just wanted to highlight the immense difference of styles. On the other hand, my guess is that it’s a healthy thing to do. Metal music is so divided these days. Let the mosh pits roll, guys!

Bloodgate “Solace in Mourning” will be released on March 25th.

Track Listing:

  1. 2020
  2. Mirror of Flesh
  3. Death on the Horizon
  4. Tombs Vacant of Mortal Decay
  5. Cult of Madness
  6. Tome of Blood
  7. Withering
  8. Search and Destroy
  9. Curse of the Wizzards Staff
  10. The Groaning Moor
  11. Veins of Mercury

Watch “Constructing the Bloodgate” official video here: