Bloodgutter – Death Mountain Review

Bloodgutter and “Death Mountain,” I guess we’re back to Extreme Metal with no surprises at all. Some may not agree but this is good. No surprises mean the band honestly performs the standard features for a genre, so we expect the standard. By the way, being as honestly as possible, standard is great. So, “Death Mountain” goes with no surprises at all with the expect from a Death Metal band. Of course, this doesn’t mean in no way that the music is bad of some sort. No, of course not. What I’m saying is that thsi album is everything a Death Metal fan expect from a Death Metal band with no surprises. There is no cauldron here of mixing elements from other genres. With all due the respect, I love when bands try the different to stand out of the crowd, but sometimes it’s really great to listen to something that won’t surprise. That’s why Metal music is so relevant. There is a huge variety of bands to please the fan. It’s always great to listen to the comfortable.

“Katabatic Death Wind” kicks off the album in the most honest way possible with the famous speed crescendo as the track goes on in the player. The most interesting and cool thing of the album is those “Yeahs” that vocalist Mikkel Lau does once in a while. I guess this the most iconic feature vocalists use to do and that works fine all the time. Following track “Rot Awaits” has an intriguing guitar riffing which allows the fan to notice perfectly the low-tuned overtone of the guitars. The nice thing about them is that besides being low-tuned it’s possible to understand them perfectly. It’s a trick some bands use to low their tuning of the guitars to make them sound heavier but lacking their brightness making them very difficult to notice. “Torture Sacrifice” that groovy guitar riffing that make the fan bang the head instantly. It’s the most headbangable – does this term even exist? – track of the album.

After listening to all the album, I feel that to some extent “Death Mountain” reminds a lot Sepultura from “Arise” era, mostly because of “Whirlwind Of Doom.” The same happens to the grand finale “Our Final Conflict” whose tittle couldn’t be more precise. Great album for the fan that wants things as they are.

Bloodgutter “Death Mountain” was released on May 05th via Trollzorn Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Katabatic Death Wind
  2. Rot Awaits
  3. Artillery Supremacy
  4. Torture Sacrifice
  5. Down the Gutter
  6. For the Empire
  7. Unternehmen Gericht
  8. Fill the Graves
  9. Whirlwind of Doom
  10. Jaws of Death
  11. Our Final Conflict

Watch “Rot Awaits” official lyric video here: