BLOODSTAINED GROUND See the ‘Horrors of a Withered Dimension’

Founded in the year 2007, the Swiss band Bloodstained Ground came together to express themselves through their dark-souled melodic death metal.
Through the years they refined their blackened creation, which led to their first album ‘The Human Parasite’ being released in 2011.
When working on their second record, various stringed and bowed instruments were added. The album ‘A Poem of Misery’ was released in 2014 by Czar Of Crickets Productions.
From 2015 to 2021 a new dark work was created. In 2022, their third and latest album ‘Horrors of a Withered Dimension’ will be released by themselves.
All the pounding guitar-riffs, the violins and sitars will give the impression that you’re part of a mythic ritual. Summoning the old ones with dark chamber music!

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