Bloodtrust – In Blood We Trust Review

I’m no devoted fan of Punk Rock or Hardcore, however I do like when I receive some albums of the genres. In my opinion the punch they give to their music is really something I cherish. In certain ways they have much more aggressive and straight ahead tones than Metal. Their message is delivered faster and in a more effective way, if you know what I mean. On the other hand, Metal also delivers the message with some punch and insane instrumentals. So, the mix between these punk/hardcore features with Metal would certainly lead to an explosive combination. Yeah, we all know that. There are lots of examples of bands that have been exploring this combination throughout the years. In modern days, I mean today, that’s exactly what we have here with Bloodtrust with “In Blood We Trust” which maintain the Hardcore facete to incorporate some Metal influences to deliver this bloody and blood thristy album. Certainly a hardcore album, but with the blood dripping way of Metal music. Damn, I mispelled the name of the band twice.

The name of an album tells a lot about it. It couldn’t be any different with an album called “In Blood We Trust.” There are 11 songs that spill blood all over the place into some hardcore soundtrack. The first thing that calls the attention is the acid and anger driven vocals. The other thing are the fast, furious, and sharp guitars that destroys all the melody and sweetness that the band could possibly deliver. This is the way Hardcore does things, my child of the night. This combination is spiced by some Heavy/Thrash Metal influences helping the song to get even more destructive. From “Our Streets” to “Bleeding out” the album makes an unstopable sequence jawbreaking tracks with no more than two minutes. Again, that’s the way Hardcore does things.

With killer guitar riffings “Our Streets” opens up the show showing everything Bloodtrust got. And the butchery goes on and on with an astonishing sequence of insane guitar riffings with even more acid vocals. Never forget to mention the thundering drumming whose power gives the songs even more strength as in “We Have a Choice” which’s got a killer chorus. “Suffer” in some moments sounds a bit modern, but this feeling doesn’t spoil the song in any way. Wow, I have to say that “In Blood We Trust” kind of pleases all Metal and Punk fans, which is a very difficult thing to achieve, if you ask me.

Bloodtrust “In Blood We Trust” will be released on January 29 via People Of Punk Rock Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Our Streets
  2. We Have a Choice
  3. Suffer
  4. In Memoriam
  5. In Blood We Trust
  6. New Dawn
  7. In Blood We Trust Pt 2
  8. Bow Down
  9. Enemies
  10. Sellout
  11. Bleeding Out

Watch “In Blood We Trust” official video here:

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