Bloody Times Release New Video & Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

The heavy metal band BLOODY TIMES have released a new video and a crowd-funding campaign in order to finance their next album. All supporters will get something in return.

Now they launched a campaign to finance the production of the next studio album. Support their next album here on and check out their new video below where they explain details about their album.

Here’s what they say:

Our plan is to raise 5000 euros via to cover a part of the production expenses, based on a cost estimation for an 8-song album. We try to treat this with the most transparency possible. If you support us and spend your money here, you’ll certainly get something back (see rewards below).

If we reach our goal of 5000 euros, we’ll produce the next full-length BLOODY TIMES album with at least 8 songs. If we’re not able to match our goal, we’ll still go into production and do as many songs as possible with the available budget. In the worst case we can only record and release a single, but all rewards will be fulfilled (except it’s not a full-length album then).

The album will be released digitally for streaming and download, and on CD as an independent artist. Vinyl is not planned at the moment, but may be added later, like we did with the “ON A MISSION” album, where vinyl was possible due to the friendly support of the Greece label “Alone records”. At the moment, we just can’t guarantee this.

We’re currently still in our song-writing stage and already have written eight songs, but we use the spare time until this campaign is over to write more songs and pick the best songs for the release. The campaign will be closed October 2021 and production will start then after.

While the line-up regarding guitar and bass is still the same, the vocal slot will probably again be filled with some shining guests. After the break of John Greely, it’s planned that he’ll support us again on some songs, together with presumably some European singers, named Oddleif Stensland (Communic) and David Marcelis (Thorium, Black Knight). Nothing cast in stone yet, but you can expect something.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case of questions. In the name of BLOODY TIMES, we’re so thankful for your support!

Here’s what the band says about rewarding their crowd-funding supporters:

Basic reward:
No matter what amount you support us with, you’ll always get a free download of the new music as early access before the official release.

Full reward (25+ euros):
We’ll send you the official CD to your location plus you’ll get a special version of the album (“Story Edition”, exclusive only) as download. We also include your name as a supporter in the CD booklet.

Greater Reward (50+ euros):
We will share the pre-production demos with you, which are only meant for internal use. Plus, you’ll get exclusive backing tracks of the songs which is super interesting if you’re a musician or singer yourself.

Insane reward (75+ euros):
You’ll receive an artefact such as an used guitar string from us. This comes with a certificate that displays for what song the artefact was used. Artefacts are only available “while stock lasts” (first come, first serve; but we’re using a lot of strings so we should have enough for all supporters).

The band continues:

Also you’ve the chance to be a part of our record! We’d like to include you into a radio message effect scene in one of our songs. If you want this, you’ll need to meet the requirements. You don’t need special equipment but only follow certain instructions. This special task will be granted and is limited to the three backers with the highest amount donated and thus gave us the highest support to finance this production.