BODY COUNT Announce New Album ‘Carnivore’

Body Count

After their 2017 Century Media Records release Bloodlust, BODY COUNT are currently working on the follow up Carnivore.

This Friday, August 2nd, BODY COUNT perform at Wacken Open Air, one of two shows in Europe for this year. Journalists attending Wacken Open Air have the opportunity to join a press conference, where the band will exclusively talk about the upcoming album.

BODY COUNT were born of a day when hip-hop was the soundtrack of the streets, brought to life by Bloods, Crips and gang bangers who lived and died by a code of street justice today’s reality stars and internet wannabes can’t begin to fathom. It wasn’t the sound of middle class American kids playing dress-up and feeling fashionable.

And heavy metal? It wasn’t pretty and clean for mainstream America to swallow like a watered down shot with your favorite spray of sugary sweet soda as a chaser. Metal was about long hair, middle fingers and a vocal indifference to societal norms. Maybe we can blame BODY COUNT for how far we’ve fallen – after they united metal and hip-hop like napalm, politicians took note and launched careers around warning labels and lyrical witch hunts.