Böllverk – Heading for the Crown Review

Affective, and emotional, memory plays an exceptional important role in everyone’s life. The fact that my memory is triggered by tells a lot as well. This band Böllverk with “Heading for the Crown” got me not by the guts as it’s usual but by my my affective memory. It’s no secret the passion I have for female vocals. I’ve told that every single opportunity I have. That means almost all reviews from bands with female vocals. No, of course, not that much, but near. The affective memory plays a decisive role here because Svenja voice reminds me the goddess of Metal Doro Pesch. So, I came back in time to the first time I heard Warlock back then in 1988 – I guess. This memory makes it impossible to me to like the band as its sonancy is so familiar to me. Musicwise, though, Böllverk are much more near Judas Priest than to the Teutonic Speed Metal Warlock and Doro use to perform. “The 7th No (IS A KO)” tells a lot about it with its Judas Priest’s “Screaming for Vengeance” traits. “Heading for the Crown” is a kind of fulled with adrenaline NWOBHM whatever does this may mean.

Of course, I’m writing this review because the band has so much more to offer. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here – I guess, if you know what I mean. Svenja contributions are boosted by a duet with a male voice performed by Zahn who also does the guitars. This kind of duet isn’t common to Old School Heavy Metal and that’s what gives the album its natural spice. When I wrote far from the Teutonic Speed Metal I didn’t mean that Böllverk don’t have any of the features that can be connected to the so-called Teutonic Metal – yes, I believe there’s an intrinsec identity to the called Teutonic Metal. “Heading for the Crown” goes a bit far from it in “Live Fast” whose Heavy Blues driven identity takes me to a farther place in time memory. Following gtrack “Next Level of Service” takes the vocal duet to another level. There’s somewhat an Accept feeling here.

It’s not fair at all to other bands. I’m writing this review due to the affective memories Böllverk and “Heading for the Crown” brought me. Ok, not only. It’s exactly the kind of Metal music from where I learned to love Metal. Only that.

Böllverk “Heading for the Crown” will be independently released on April 22nd.

Track Listing:

  1. Ask the Angel, Listen to the Devil
  2. Let’s Ride Till Dawn
  3. Good Morning Rock’n’Roll
  4. Heading for the Crown
  5. The 7th No (IS A KO)
  6. Master Of Thunder
  7. Live Fast
  8. Next Level of Service
  9. Someday We Will Die

Watch “Heading for the Crown” official lyric video: