Bonfire – Fistful of Fire

Who told the good old Hard Rock was dead? And who told old dogs couldn’t learn new tricks?

That’s what Bonfire prove here with their upcoming release “Fistful of Fire,” an album that reminds the good old times of Hard Rock and foresees an interesting future for it. Clearly, as the fan will notice, “Fistful of Fire,” an album of incredible fourteen tracks, is divided into two moments that are simply explained as the future and the glorious past. It kicks off with the frentic and the beautiful and modern wrapped “The Joker,” though the old name of it. “The Joker” is followed by “Gotta Get Away,” two tracks which comprise the two aforementioned main drives of the album. The future comes with the intro “The Joker” and the glorious past comes with the song “Gotta Get Away” itself. I opted to treat the two tracks like one because they so utterly interconnected that seem to be only one. However, to the ears of the good old fan, the track may sound a bit modern. However with the taste of the good old days of Bonfire. Noteworth are the strong guitar lines which give the needed heavyness to the song. The straight ahead drumming does the rest.

The future may also be represented by tracks as “The Devil Made Me Do It” due to its strong guitar riffing and the electronic effects that give it the drive. A track that Bonfire fan will certainly love. On second thought, I guess that the track that represents best the good old past is “The Blade” and its singalong chorus and catchy riffing. For no mess with success’s sake, there are some power ballads here. “When an Old Man Cries” is the first one and from where I’m standing the stronger with the best message. I almost confused it with the bluesy “When a Blind Man Cries” – hum, here’s a good suggestion, guys. The track comes back in the end as a beautiful acoustic version. Well, just my opinion but it works best this way. Following track “Rock’n’ Roll Survivor” may be one kind of self-homage as the band is a survivor with its almost thirty-five years of career. Last, but not least, there is “Warrior” which is a homage for one of the pioneers of all Hard Rock bands: Bon Jovi.

Bonfire “Fistful of Fire” will be released on April 03rd via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Joker
  2. Gotta Get Away
  3. The Devil Made Me Do It
  4. Ride the Blade
  5. When An Old Man Cries
  6. Rock’n’Roll Survivors
  7. Fire and Ice
  8. Warrior
  9. Fire Etude
  10. Breaking Out
  11. Fistful of Fire
  12. The Surge
  13. Gloryland
  14. When An Old Man Cries (Acoustic Version)

Watch “Rock’n’ Roll Survivor” official music video here: