Borderwars – The Present Day

a0788767584_10  When it comes down to that good ol’ thrash metal, us fans know what we want: fast and good metal. A short list, yes, but oddly enough it can be hard to come across bands that fit that bill despite the overwhelming amount of thrash bands that are out there in the world today compared to twenty years ago. Borderwars come in with the rest of the tsunami of bands out there saying that they have a sound worth listening to, but unlike some this band actually does have metal worth checking out with their latest album “The Present Day” being a blast of thrash metal that will have fans of the genre interested from the very first riff. As I said, fast and loud. Borderwars does those two things in glorious excess as this a pure piece of thrash through and through down to the excellent sound of the vocals. With tracks that range mostly from four to even over eight minutes long, “The Present Day” sticks to the true length of time thrash needs and fits so much in a perfect amount of time that any fan of the genre will instantly recognize and appreciate. However, Borderwars is also just a thrash band and if you ask me they’re not mind blowing even though they are a cut above your average band. Nothing new is brought to the table, but I suppose  nothing new is really needed as Borderwars manages to do just fine without shaking anything up. Overall, “The Present Day” is a pretty well rounded album that is definitely something that any casual or hardcore thrash fan should check out because as I’ve said twice already Borderwars have met the two requirements for a good piece of thrash, and they did it magnificently well.

You can stream “The Present Day” on Bandcamp.

Track Listing:

  1. Peaceless
  2. Built
  3. The Present Day
  4. Haunted Steps (Tengata Whenua)
  5. Downfall
  6. Darkness Falls
  7. Control
  8. Children of the Hollow
  9. The more… The less
  10. Year After Year