Botis – Grand Abominations

I really mean it when I say the best surprises are coming from Extreme Metal bands. “Grand Abominations” kicks off with a feature that was made usual by Extreme Metal bands; the dissonances. The things is that dissonances are a very common effect when you use distortion or overdrive effects. It’s a kind of reaction of the electric system due to the overuse of the volume. The fact is that in the beginning of heavy music, that uses heavily distortions and overdrives (BTW, technally they are different things), bands didn’t like so much the use of dissonances. In their point of view, it was too much aggression to the ears of the fans. By that time they were right. However, things change and change a lot throughout the years. Dissonances are not so aggressive anymore, In fact, bands are using them to reinforce their intent to shock musically. As we all know, to shock is another desired intent to an Extreme Metal band. “Gullet” is a track that shows that Botis make a great use of it.

In addition to all that, Botis were very successfull in creating what we call “wall of sound.” First track “Descent” features it to fans in a very polished way. Botis made it possible to hear this “wall of sound” throughout “Grand Abominations,” which musically in no abomination, if I may. Well, it may be to untrained ears. Not to us. At first, “Grand Abominations” may sound a bit monolythical, but the details in tracks as the aforementioned show the opposite. Botis are a band that naturally tries to stand out musically using the uncanny and unusual. I praise that a lot. It takes some guts to do, and praise, otherwise because Metal, moreover Extreme Metal, has the obligation to shock. I guess we all agree to that. Some tracks as “Rodente” show both features; the dissonances and the wall of sound. That’s why they get more impressive.

“Grand Abominations” is an album that technically impresses, though I don’t think that was Botis’s primary intent. Recommended not only for Extreme Metal fans, but also to whom wants a well-played album.

“Grand Abominations” Botis’s will be released on July 26th.

Track Listing:

  1. Descent
  2. Rodente
  3. Deluge
  4. Serpentine
  5. Yggdrasil
  6. The Magus
  7. Gullet
  8. The Noble King