BOUNDARY Frontman Recovers From A Stroke, Sets Up Donations For Medical Bills

Goran Pavlovic Boundary

BOUNDARY singer Goran Pavlovic recently suffered a stroke after the band’s Balcan’s tour. Since he is not an Austrian citizen, he is facing the medical bills of almost 10,000 euros (approx. $11,200).

Band has issued a statement in which they revealed the account for donations which would in great way help to cover the bills.

Part of the statement reads:

“While he is recovering right now, the rest of us is facing a different problem. As many of you might know, Goran is not an Austrian citizen. He actually had no insurance when the stroke happened so we have to collect nearly 10.000€ to pay the bill he received. We now got the donations account, set up by the hospital itself. If you want to support us by donating some money, please send it to:

EDIT: Band informed they’ll be using following PayPal address for donations instead of a bank account: [email protected]

“Every small amount would help us – and of course especially Goran – a lot!

“Thank you all!”