Brazilian Artist Covers OZZY OSBOURNE’S ‘Mr. Crowley’

Zé Ramalho is a Brazilian artist from what is called MPB (Brazilian Popular Music). To many, MPB is mostly known as a musical label that is a melting pot of influences as Brazilian society with pseudo-intelectual lyrics which tends to be much more grandious in their artists’, and fans’, minds then it is in the real world. But Zé Ramalho is an exception to this rule who gained the respect of Metal artists as Sepultura. Sepultura and Zé Ramalho shared Rock In Rio stage in 2013.

This cover he does for “Mr. Crowley” is named Sr. Ozzy (Mr. Ozzy) whose lyrics are in fact a homage to Ozzy Osbourne‘s career and life and having nothing to do with the original “Mr. Crowley.” The guitars are played by Robertinho do Recife, a very resourceful guitarist who recorded one of the most respected Brazilian 1980s Metal classics called “Metal Mania.” The outcome is a very respectful song to Brazilian MPB standards because non-Metal Brazilian artists tend to be very disrespectful to anything related to Metal sounding almost as a Folk Metal tune with its delicate textures and embellishments. I guess The Madman would approve it.

Watch “Sr. Ozzy” video here: