Brazilian Band EVE DESIRE Announces New Album

Eve Desire
Photo credit: Vini Ramadoni

Brazilian symphonic power metal band, EVE DESIRE, just announced the debut album Prelude to Singularity, which will be released in September. The debut album Prelude to Singularity will be released in physical format and on all major streaming platforms. The work will feature eight tracks, produced by Thiago Bianchi (Shaman and Noturnall), and released via Fusion Records. 

Gestated for months, the album Prelude to Singularity tells the story of a man trapped in the Fifth Dimension, accompanied only by Death. As in a Neil Gaiman story, the figure of Death is represented by a wise woman who talks to him about time, space, and ephemeral earthly life. Each track is a piece of dialogue, containing reflections of the conversation between man, representing humanity, and Death.

Quantum Physics is one of the central themes in Prelude to Singularity. The question of time, under human perception, the interaction with it, and what is the view of science on this temporal aspect. “We are all lovers of science, physics and mathematics. Putting Music and Science together had everything to do with us”, says Arya Medeiros Cappia, lead singer of EVE DESIRE.

After personal problems that interfered the release of the debut album, Eve Desire has matured musically, becoming stronger: “This album means one more step, one more step achieved. It was made very truthfully. A scholarship that made us emerge on the record, ”says Arya.

EVE DESIRE is formed by Arya Medeiros Cappia (voice), Wagner Cappia (keyboard), Vini Ramadoni (bass) and Lauro Nightrealm (guitar).