Brazilian Band NIHARP Releases New Album ‘Into Ethernal Dusk’


After its latest single “The Midnight Curse”, the Brazilian Thrash/Prog metal band NIHARP announces its first full-length album “Into Ethereal Dusk”, released on October 31st. The album will also be available on Digipak format on December 01st, along with “The Midnight Curse” single, for sale on Bandcamp and other stores.

The album is already available on all digital stores, including Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and the new YouTube Music service.

“Into Ethereal Dusk” contains 8 songs with the following track listing:

1. An Angels’ Requiem
2. Quick Dizzy
3. Hymn for the End
4. Tempestatis
5. The Midnight Curse – Part I – The Ivory Moon
6. The Midnight Curse – Part II – The Ivory Orchid
7. A New Beginning
8. I L L U S I O N A T I

Niharp Into Ethernal Dusk